Your people and your company culture are key to your business success. Our programs enable companies to build a foundation for growth and establish their culture as a competitive advantage.

Ignite the hearts of your people to accelerate their performance through understanding and managing corporate culture and its impact on employee retention and performance.

Build a foundation for growth and establish your culture as a competitive advantage. In-depth assessment and personalized roadmap to a healthy, successful corporate culture.

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Your company culture is your own. It may be the only truly unique identifier of your company.

Tricon’s People & Culture line of business is a comprehensive suite of packaged services, consultancy expertise and tools that help business develop their people and ignite their culture.

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Our packaged services and consultants enable companies to augment internal Human Resource Teams to help ignite the hearts of your employees and accelerate your business performance.

  • Does your company culture inspire your teams to care intensely about organizational values?
  • Do you attract the best talent, and more importantly, retain that talent?
  • Is your image and brand identify better than your competitors?



We worked with Tricon to help set us up for success approaching a significant organizational change. The SDI is a critical tool to better understand what motivates team members and the strengths we have in certain areas of our teams. We often revisit the assessment and conflict styles as we work through challenges and opportunities. Our Directors have also benefitted from coaching sessions helping them lead their teams through the ongoing change management.

Brenda Ansley

United Way Lower Mainland, Vice President Resource Development
Through working with Tricon we have new language for effective communication and dealing with conflict. We talk with one another about our values and strengths and often try and determine the values and strengths of other team members before they have even taken the training!

Jen Fretz

Director of Civic Operations
“The team from Tricon Solutions did an excellent job engaging our leadership team in a culture assessment. The report and recommendations reflected new perspectives and “outside of the box” thinking; there are several new ideas that we are excited to get started on. Thanks Tricon!

Jerilyn Dressler

CEO, The Distress Centre

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