Tricon Solutions is a collective of experienced people and culture specialists that will help you
ignite the hearts of your employees and accelerate your business performance.

Our Story

We are not your typical consulting company. Our mission is clear, we want to fundamentally change the way consultants deliver work to clients. With an outcome-driven approach to delivering solutions, we look at every challenge with a creative lens on how best to solve the problem, how can we add value in a cost-effective manner.

Tricon was founded in 2005 with a mission to support clients through business transformation using practical, results-oriented techniques that deliver high-quality results.

Tricon’s business lines include

Your people and your company culture are key to your business success, impacting employee retention, performance and your bottom line. Despite being a key differentiator for your business performance, corporate culture is still largely misunderstood; many organizations find it difficult to measure and even more difficult to manage. The Tricon team will ignite the hearts of your people to accelerate their performance by guiding you through understanding and managing your corporate culture and its impact on your people.

If you want cost-effective assistance with tactical project control, administration, scheduling, progress tracking, financial reporting, documentation support and status reporting in order to free up more senior (and higher priced) resources, Tricon Project Coordination Services is the solution.  This enables more senior resources to take on more projects and use their time more efficiently.

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We are excited to present a revolutionary approach to Project Management.  The time for changing outdated Project Manager sourcing is here, with a full-service out-of-the-box Project Management service.  Tricon is at the cutting edge with this full-service offering that reduces cost, your management burden and overhead, and increases quality and accountability for project management as a whole.

Our People

We are a team of nearly 100 top-tier creative thinkers and proven innovators across Western Canada, and we know how to deliver results for companies.
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Our company philosophy

Our Clients

Tricon has served more clients than can be listed here. We are proud of our successful track record of working with organizations to support and empower their People & Culture. Tricon works among oil & gas, mining, agriculture, not for profits and municipal, provincial and federal governments.

We worked with Tricon to help set us up for success approaching a significant organizational change. The SDI is a critical tool to better understand what motivates team members and the strengths we have in certain areas of our teams. We often revisit the assessment and conflict styles as we work through challenges and opportunities. Our Directors have also benefitted from coaching sessions helping them lead their teams through the ongoing change management.

Brenda Ansley

United Way Lower Mainland, Vice President Resource Development
Through working with Tricon we have new language for effective communication and dealing with conflict. We talk with one another about our values and strengths and often try and determine the values and strengths of other team members before they have even taken the training!

Jen Fretz

Director of Civic Operations